Sun in the 8th house – Sun Shadows

“A hundred years or more, she’s bent her crown
in storm, in sun, in moonsplashed midnight breeze.
surviving all the random vagaries
of this harsh world. A dense – twigged veil drifts down
from crown along her trunk – mourning slow wood
that rustles tattered, in a hint of wind
this January dusk, cloudy, purpling
the ground with sudden shadows” –
Lauren Lipton

There will be deep
intimacy with the darker aspects of life with Sun in the 8th. The
individual is born on the borderline of life and death, and has a great
intuitive wisdom regarding the cycles of life. Music from the
otherworlds, played through symbolism and sorcery, or even tarot and
spirituality are lullabies the individual longs to hear. Life is
characterised by persistent transformation where the person is plunged
into the darkness so a new light can be built in the deepest hollows of
the heart. Because the 8th house is quite secretive, the individual
will hide parts of himself away and prefer to retain privacy. Few truly
understand what is going on in the mind, because they are so complex and
concealed. Everything in life is experienced to extreme. The Sun is the
king, so we have a royal figure of the underground with Sun in the

The defences are hyper responsive with Sun in
the 8th. The more despairing elements of human nature exposed itself
to the individual at a young age. To combat the wounds and
vulnerabilities this created, the person builds powerful walls around
his heart and treats people with suspicion. In it’s worst expression,
the individual can be paranoid or resentful of others. But they can also
be a great detective, and reveal revelatory information that has been
prohibited. Anything that is forbidden or mysterious holds seductive
allure over the individual. The messages and symbols of the underworld
reveal themselves in everyday life. This placement brings resources that
help the individual perceive past the five senses. When the Sun is
shining, the psychic experiences can be positive, insightful,
enlightening, and mediumistic. When melancholic periods shadow, the
individual may feel as if they are being followed by dark forces or cursed by
negativity. Eventually Sun in the 8th come to understand that they provide energy to these forces, and they alone have the elixir that turns demons
into angels.

There is a pronounced need in the individual to
question and discover. The person may become fanatical about topics of interest
and spend days locked away in compulsive, self induced research. This is
a powerful placement, and its as if the individual has one foot in a
mythical well, soaking up the crackling undercurrents that encircle. The
emotional experience can be intense, and irrational, impulsive behaviour
can surface. It is also the gloom of such experiences that transport the individual to the depths of consciousness that bear the knowledge of divine power. There may be an attraction to volatile and intense
partners, and the individual will seek the tangling of another soul as
their bodies slip away. Even though the individual will long to imbibe
another, they are ultimately self ruling and self involved. Sun in the 8th frequently
retreats into the cauldron of their mind and swim through the unconscious
valleys, feeling misunderstood and misrepresented. The 8th house Sun
person experiences ego death over and over, under a constant hostage.
When physical death finally calls, the individual feels right at home.


(art; Xue Wang)

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