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Spencer Pratt Explains How He and Heidi Used to Stage All Those Paparazzi Photos









to Spencer, these were the result of a deal he made with Pacific Coast
News, with a contact he’d known since he sold them a photo of Mary-Kate Olsen.
“We were known as ‘fame whores,’ but that was just because [the
photographer] James was having us do these cheesy over-the-top shots
that the British audience loved for their ‘rags’ — as they call them
over there, I call them beautiful magazines here,” Spencer explained.
“We had a 50/50 partnership with [PCN] and we were making over a million
dollars selling our paparazzi photos
, so you start doing a lot of them
and you’re like, ‘This is the best gig ever!’”

this time, they also encountered “real” paparazzi in more
celebrity-heavy areas, but they preferred to use the photographer they
had a relationship with so they could get paid. He said he got the idea
from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, after a magazine editor friend told
him that their supposedly candid beach photos were actually planned
. “I
was like, ‘Uh, why don’t I copy the most famous superstars in the world
that are rich and doing this?’” Spencer said. He also claims that most
famous people know when they’re being followed by paparazzi and tip them
off when they want to be photographed. “I think that everyone is game,
and playing the game as hard as they can,” Spencer continued. “Maybe
like, Sean Penn is trying to lose some photographers to go to dinner
with a cartel leader, but even then, they got the paparazzi shots of him
at the airport in Mexico!“”

For reasons…..

For the same reasons…

Swimming in reasons.

Reasons, reasons everywhere! 

For no reason whatsoever!

Hah, c’mon, you know why 😉

Spencer Pratt Explains How He and Heidi Used to Stage All Those Paparazzi Photos

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