Normal fans or in fact any normal person would never even think of comitting the gross breach of privacy you’re asking of others. Keep your overentitled nose out of other people’s business or I’m reporting you for stalking, Patricia. You’ve been going too far now with your butthurt and childish reaction to some actors private life. Don’t presume you can act without impunity, cause the moment you really overstep your boundaries and they want to shut you down, you’ll regret this.


I’m sorry? All we are doing is looking for the registration, which is PUBLIC INFORMATION. Why are you so upset? Afraid of what we will or won’t find?

Oh, and I have already been doxxed. Multiple times. So keep on threatening me, it just makes me want to get to the truth that much more. And I am posting this so everyone can see the threat. If I didn’t know better, I’d think this is Lady Voldemort, the soul sucking mooch, herself.

Why, we only respond in kind after being attacked by Team SHambles for freely expressing our views…Sophie? We know it was you behind those articles and that they were meant to shame us into silence. Here’s the thing, P2P press may obscure the unpalatable truth about you but it won’t change it. It will come out and we are committed to expediting that process. Speaking of boundaries and normalcy as an authority on the matter is a bit rich don’t you think? Especially when one is a criminal and a characteropath to boot! Do everyone a favor and get lost. Oh and go to rehab while you are at it.

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