Why is some still insist Fassy and Alicia are just showmance? What do actors have to do to prove that they are in a real relationship. Obviously, having a child with a partner still isn’t a good enough proof for some, so I guess there really isn’t a chance in hell that those can be convinced.


If you’re referring to BC and SH, you know that “child” is a pillow right? 😉


Well, HW is known for drama and I got some pretty detailed tea that indicates that MF/AV are stuck in a showmance. There is another older actress being named as MF’s real GF and it seems like HW may have to just let them be. You will probably be seeing them together soon, this time publicly. AV is the one who wants out of the arrangement sooner so kudos to her for standing up to HW.

The pregnancy was suspect and the dates were fudged when there was no reason to do so. Using a prosthetic to change a timeline or even fake a pregnancy is not unheard of in showbiz. In London theater circles it’s pretty much an open secret that SH’s real babydaddy is her BF. Called BC a poor sod stuck raising another man’s kid, the general public will never know and comments to that effect. 

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