Ben with a fan at the US Embassy in London party July 2, 2015. Sneak peek of Ben holding SophSoph’s hand so gently. It’s amazing to see how much he cares for her, minding how he holds her hand so she feels comfortable at all times. True love has never looked so posh before. 💛💙💜💚❤️

ROTFLMAO! I can see he’s really overselling the “I love my wife so much”. Holding her hand indeed. He knew this photo would be making the rounds and did that on purpose. No celebrity is going to hold on to their partner’s hand while getting a photo with a fan. :/

Benny boy, don’t be trying too hard. Just because your Cumberbitches are gullible doesn’t mean the rest of the public is. 😉

“Your pulse ok, love?” 

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