“She was devastated by all the negative press about her and openly blamed him.” Is that so? Because if she was so devastated, I really doubt she would look so smug in many of her photos. Her body language tells me she’s saying, “I married and got knocked-up by your fave, suck it bitches!” And how is her bad press his fault when she’s the one who’s been lying about her CV, having theatre people give her bad testimonials? She should be apologizing to him for messing is reputation.

Well, she didn’t look too happy in the last photos so apparently things aren’t going her way.‘Shotgun chic’ is the official narrative but we (and BC’s peers) know better. Either that kid’s real daddy is SH’s fave (‘Oh Henry’ AKA SBF) and they lied about the DOB or she wasn’t even pregnant. There are none of the signs that would indicate that she gave birth more recently, none. If the latter was true, it’s better to just be upfront about adoption or surrogacy. Don’t lie, because the truth will come out. There are plenty of celebs who can have bio kids but don’t, some struggle with infertility or a genetic disease that they don’t wish to pass on. FYI BC has a very rare genetic condition (1 in 15,000) that is an autosomal dominant trait, meaning that half of his kids would be affected even if his wife didn’t have it. I knew of a couple with EDS who had three kids and two had to use feeding tubes. You don’t know how it will manifest. If SH is a also carrier (and she certainly has the ‘look’), then forget it. There are also people in both their respective families with an inherited neurological disorder IIRC. Since we know it’s a fauxmance BC may feel better knowing the ShamBub isn’t his. It won’t cause him as much heartache once their time runs out and SH walks. You are right about the bad press though, it’s 100% her fault. Even BC can see that but what can he do if she is his ‘co-star’ in the sham?  

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