It’s a testament to how lacking in talent SH is, that even after marrying BC, she still isn’t getting much work. You’d have thought some struggling productions would love to have her name attached b/c it’d guarantee attention from the Cumberbrats








Not sure if that is due to a lack of talent or time. Possibly, both. I can tell you from personal experience that babies take up a lot of time to care for (I’m sure they’ll have a nanny sooner or later).  She may also be discerning as to the ‘quality’ avant-garde productions, which seem to be her specialty niche, that she wants to be attached to.  😀 



Yeah really – WTF do people INSIST after all the prosthetic shots that there is an actual kid involved?


^^This, ladies and gentlemen…

Well, pulling the preg stunt served two purposes. First, to stay longer in the picture and getting the meal ticket secured. Second, sorry can’t work because preggers. After “given birth to the piollow”, sorry can’t work, no time, but to keep face I do two little things I hope I don’t mess up. Let people do the work and I show up and “direct” , because I’m a Theatre Director.

How many of y’all wanna bet that if there is a Stuntsie or Notmybaby involved a nanny is already taking care of it? BC can afford to pay for one, he and SH may not live together but they still have to cooperate for the sake of the fauxmance. 

If there was a stunt baby, then why was that stroller empty in that pap shot?

That’s why I said if. According to expert witnesses it was ‘crying’ too…

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