Let’s take a moment to “appreciate” SH’s new work: a woman’s 15 minutes long, poinson-triggered journey to death. WOW, so octopus 2.0. Perfect play for your summer holidays – will def cheer you up :D


And even this is the reaction to SH’s new project! “Ruby is sooo GOOD!” “I love how Ruby sings!” “Oh….and Sophie’s direction is going to be…interesting.”


Do these stans even live in the same reality? Even if they aren’t living together BC is going to be footing the bill for Notmybaby. FT nanny for the stepkid, so neither BC nor it’s momster have to take care of it.

Everyone knows that most rich bitches don’t parent.

If you are well off and have a high-powered career or business I get it. But if you are like SH you need to get off your flat toosh and take care of your own damn sprog. Lazy. As. Hell.

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