( if you post this could you post it anon? Last time my name got on a blog like this I got some hate, and I have some work ppl on here) the thing about the SH/BC BI are that they 1) paint her as pregnant and 2) make it sound like he thinks the baby is his. I’ve wondered if there is a possibility to that being true and while they split eventually he cont to support and raise a kid that’s not his. He may not know enough the a DNA test


You sent this in anon anyways sweets! 

Not necessarily, BC ain’t that dumb. If the dates are off he’s probably pretty certain it’s not his but for the time being they need to keep going with the narrative. BC’s a terrible liar though so it stands to reason that is why he is carrying on like a bachelor after-hours. He can always pull the “I had NO idea card.” and get a DNA test (if he hasn’t gotten one already) in order to annul. 

It’s bad timing and his damn pride that’s keeping him from dealing with SH and Notmybaby accordingly. It’s pretty shameful for an ex ‘sex symbol’ to have a subpar RCG treat him like hired help. Even moreso that she pinned another man’s kid on him during a time when he just couldn’t say no. Found out after the fact when it was too late, the rest is history. BC’s deeply insecure and his inflated false-ego is his way of overcompensating.

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