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Mega Post (14th June)  # 4





(4/16) The lack of
maternal vibes hasn’t really been discussed at length but it is painfully
obvious. Sadly so. I wonder if it’s all looking worth it now that the “baby”
has arrived and she actually has to look after it,…

BeigeBatch isn’t going to sell I am afraid. Everything that made BC unique is completely gone and his credibility is now toast. What’s downright tragic is that none of this was necessary. At all. BC should have been at his peak and now people are talking about this fiasco being the end of him? Toxic relationships destroy a person, the more negative the other person is the faster the victim’s condition worsens. SH is both demented and evil, I talked it over with other people. They all agree that she is a sociopath who doesn’t even care about the well-being of her own child. Another Anonny said that her brother married someone who gave off the same vibe. That no one could figure out why she couldn’t stand her until things went south and said ex-SIL now has a criminal record. What does the Sun have on SH? I think it’s about a lot more than Notmybaby TBH. Probably about her penchant for blackmail, embezzlement and fraud. That could land her in jail

Mega Post (14th June)
 # 4

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