The bus is coming, there’s no doubt about it now.

Jonathan Harmsworth (Daily Mail) and Rupert Murdoch (The Sun) are two people you don’t want to get on the wrong side of. It looks like BC and Co. may have done just that. Ed Miliband queued up to shake RM’s hand only to lambast him in the press 3 days later. Not a smart move and EM is now officially on RM’s shitlist. Now BC is hanging out with Two Kitchens? Let’s not forget that BC & SH fucked up HW’s award campaign. Need I mention that HW is besties with RM? Let’s look at JH whose publication also got into a tiff with EM. I dislike EM so I’ve no pity for him but I now believe that he dangled a carrot in front of BC’s face. BC took it like the fool he is not realizing that he and SH have too much dirty laundry. EM threatened to curtail RM and JH’s power if he became PM. Well that ain’t happening now is it? Because of the intel they got from Dontcallmejane etc. The Sun is strong-arming BC into giving them exclusives which isn’t earning him any brownie points with The Fail. Connect the dots and you can see how this has the potential to turn into a wreck of epic proportions.

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