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Okay. Maybe not, “why?” But, “whuh?”

Nice timelines, TFOE. In the end, it is what it is. But it’s just “curiouser and curiouser,” as Alice would say. People were stunned that they got engaged so quickly, but I really do think 98% of people would have moved on if all the activity around this…

Notmybaby is more likely. Estimated date of intercourse with due date of 05/20…16-19 of August. There is only a window of 5 days and given that BC hasn’t gotten anyone pregnant before by bets are on SBF. Blood test is done after 9 weeks, according to what she allegedly told BC she wasn’t far enough along when the ad was placed! She was ‘only’ 6 weeks at the time. BC didn’t know she was 3 months along and not 2 until he went to the clinic. It was no mistake either, SH lied

What would have happened if he threatened to call off the engagement unless SH ponied up a prenatal DNA test? A scandal smack dab in the middle of award season with HW breathing down his neck, that’s what. SH’s not the kind to keep quiet especially knowing the kid was probably not his. He couldn’t force her to do anything and as Gator mentioned that type of DNA test is not valid for legal purposes. He had no choice but to go along with it, after the ShamBub is born he can certainly test. Damn shame if what I suspect is true though because he’s so far in this mess he may have to play stepfather anyway. Which is what SH and SBF had been counting on all along. There is no other explanation for how bad he’s been looking as of late…

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