I already imagine how all this mess is going to end: after the fiasco of the CBE he will shoot only television series, will lend his voice for documentaries. SH will manage avant-garde plays in private cellars.

Little by little, step by step, the fame of BC will turn pale: after television series, he will only be employed for announcements for dry dog food or toilet paper. And one day, nobody anymore will think of them on London.

They will move in a small manor house lost at the bottom of the English countryside. They still will put up a good show in the local carnivals, will be the “stars” of the place and she can always boast about her supposed multiple theatrical experiments. They will hate each other even more, because she will never be “Lady Cumberbatch"  ands he because she annihilated his theatrical career. And overall he will hate himself  because he never had the courage to say “no”.

And one day, two walkers will pass in front of their house. The one will ask the other one “You know that Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter live there?” And the other walker will answer “who and who?”

Sic transit gloria mundi…


TFOE: And then the blob of jello so gracefully hit the surface of the table, perhaps not as gracefully as my wife of 17 years would but nevertheless, uhm, where was I? Yeah, jello, table, grace, wife. Oh! Did I mention I’m a father?!


I can tell you that’s not going to happen. BC’s first love is and always will be his career. He is ambitious and there is no love lost between them. He will tire of SH and then cast her aside for a more useful tool. That’s if SH doesn’t tire of him first and decides to take him to the cleaners. She’s got a lover already, don’t forget that.

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