If you haven’t had enough of BC this week, then buy this weeks edition of Woman’s Weekly to get your extra BC fill. 

How old is that photo? Yeah can’t use the ones from the past few months, no one would buy the magazine.

I saw this just now in the supermarket and almost bought it but I’m not keen on the magazine. I do wonder who he wants to make proud though? His child? His Father?

Well, it reads like a shout-out to his dad. Based on ol’ Tim’s reaction to SH at LL, he’s not happy about this whole setup. Wanda was probably fuming but is better at hiding it. It’s a bit of a patch-up job really after disrespecting his parents at the Oscars. I never thought I’d see BC do such a thing, especially not in public. But we know who was behind that, don’t we? No decent DIL does that shit, Squid needs to go. I hope The Sun etc. goes to town on her and soon.

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