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Benedict Cumberbatch Bound to Receive CBE: Is ‘Sherlock’ Actor’s Career Ending?





Showbusiness agent Tony Fitzpatrick did not mince words and said that Cumberbatch’s honor was a “political decision” made purely for his celebrity status. He noted, “In the old days of showbiz, you had to be in the business for decades before you got honoured, now it’s to do with the size of your audience. It’s about making money. Benedict Cumberbatch is flavour of the month so it’s a political coup for whoever awards him the honor.”

What was that? Skeptics are all ‘crazy’? If that’s not an industry warning to tone down the famewhoring I don’t know what is. Either way it’s not going to look good. If he accepts he better put on his fireproof suit. If he declines ATLM it could go either way. Either it’ll be seen as pure damage control or he may earn PR points, especially if he uses that to push for the pardon. To think that all of this would have been avoided had ‘someone’ not spilled…

If it’s announced that means, when he was informed several weeks ago of the award, he officially accepted. He can’t then decline it once it’s announced. There is utter consternation about this here. Several brilliant actors and supporters of charity have worked for decades at the to of their game and never had a sniff of an OBE never mind a CBE

Well, now that the press is talking about his career being over…

Ed ‘Two Kitchens’ Milliband is a Grade A wanker. He got booted from his position after losing one general election. Even his own party doesn’t seem to like him very much. Two Kitchens got into Labour through his older brother Dave and then betrayed him. This is the kind of person BC is putting his trust in? BC needs to tread carefully with any established politician, he’s a lamb compared to most of them. Better yet? He should avoid dealing with them more than he has to.

Benedict Cumberbatch Bound to Receive CBE: Is ‘Sherlock’ Actor’s Career Ending?

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