Vi & Bree what is your opinion on Sophie Hunter. It’s not very clear where you guys stand about her.




Generic and flavored with artificial french vanilla extract, that about sums up all my feelings about the divine basic Mrs. Cumberbatch. 


P.S. – incase you don’t know, Great Value is the generic bargain basement brand sold exclusively….at walmart. 

IMHO she’s lackluster, pretentious and overly ambitious for someone so lacking in talent.  Perhaps she makes a fantastic toasted cheese sandwich.


SH seems to be into fad diets ie: plates of green, she may not even do dairy. She made a disgusted face when BC offered her a taste of his Fatburger. Is that bish crazy or what? I would have talked BC into hand feeding me some fries as well :P! Someone call Nigella so that she can make him a bacon-wrapped cheddar melt before he starts looking like Ron Woodroof…

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