I guess BC was a fad? Funny how everyone’s turning on him now.




His fame may have run its course – it’s not what it once was.  Maybe this CBE business, Dr. Strange and Hamlet will resurrect his sagging career.


At this point graciously turning down the CBE would be the best idea. It would speak better of him while ingratiating him with his peers as well as the general public. He can still get that or an even higher honour in the future anyway. Besides, that would be sure to annoy SH to no end which is always a plus.

Hold up…

1. Who is “everyone”  in this situation? because from what i’ve seen nobody that matters is turning on him? and what I say people that matter…I’m talking about people who actually have influence on his career i.e. not a bunch a mad cumberbitches on tumbler. 

2. aeltri You are pressed as hell @ BC for some reason and you need to let that shit go because you sound crazy. 


Nobody? LOL! There is shade all over the place, don’t believe me? Look at the comments in the DM under that article for starters. Most of them aren’t all that nice, the bottom line is that he is acting in a way that is turning many people off. He has been ridiculed for appearing too fame hungry, check out The New Yorker Kafka reference, Counterpunch, Vogue…’Publicity Stunt Wife’ is what they called SH. Speaking of crazy and pressed she sure was in a hurry to damage BC’s career. As long as she gets what she wants she doesn’t seem to care about blabbing to the tabs. I don’t blame her entirely though because BC is doing a fantastic job of undermining himself. All I am doing is pointing out how, you speak as if using one’s powers of observation was a bad thing…

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