However, BC focuses on the fact they both don’t have curly hair? He can’t play the violin? He doesn’t live with a man? All of those things can be changed, like yeah, totes massive, and superficial differences. <<<< BC is not famous because of his intelligence. He proves that over and over in interviews. He's pretty much the opposite of the characters that he plays.




And he’s said so himself.


At Adobe Con:

Interviewer: “Would you like to play someone stupid?”

BC: “Yes! I’d love that! That’s the point, yeah, ‘cause I am and you know, I talk a lot but it would be a cake walk for me. Yeah, sure! Less lines, the better! Just completely and who knows, there’ might already be somebody I’ve already done that’s of that ilk.”

There’s your proof right there! Less lines? Someone needs to remind BC that most stupid people (like the ones I know) are quite talkative. They have the most remarkable ability to waffle on about nothing for hours.

He’s actually not stupid… he’s a pretty smart guy. I just think that no one has really sat down with him and told him what to say and what not to say in interviews. You think his publicist would have done this with him a long time ago… yet Karon does NOTHING. She truly is useless – he should have fired her in 2013, IMO. *smdh*

I was joking. BC is well-read and intelligent though not exceptionally so. But his emotional intelligence? It’s a lot lower, let me put it that way otherwise he wouldn’t be in the predicament he’s in now.

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