It’s now June 8th (in the UK).


Which means that if she was due in late May, but hadn’t given birth, she’d be induced.  I think they know they are out of time…and I think we have seen some of the puzzle pieces starting to fall into place.  I just hope they don’t drag this out all the way to Hamlet.  Ben needs a break.

But every time we think they ought to know something (these utter fools) they still don’t seem to, just dig deeper, so idk.

True dat!  But, I think there is something to the Newcastle tweet and the SH pram sighting…if you know what I mean?

In the UK women are induced before 42 weeks. Ruh-roh! Guys, if she was induced at the standard 41.5 weeks then this comes up as the estimated window for conception: Aug 14, 2014 – Aug 20, 2014. Yeah, remind me where and who SH was with during that time? I’m thinking it wasn’t BC…

Which leads us back to this weekend’s interesting tweets. <cough>

Buahahahaha! I needed that.

But it does lead to one way they could end this. A quiet split citing irreconcilable differences, with BC wishing SH well, and no comment on the “babe.” No divorce is necessary, because there was no marriage anyway, and they can go their different ways. Keep silent, and then pull the “privacy” card when asked.

Even if BC was stupid enough to make it official this is automatic grounds for an annulment so no biggie. In an annulment the ex-spouse gets *nothing*.

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