The thing is, maybe SH doesn’t care about clothes, you know? She dresses the way she always has, except for red carpets now. In a way, I kinda respect that at least she has kept her own, er, style, such as it is, and not gone Hollywood or gone crazy with BC’s money. Maybe it speaks well of her that she doesn’t think she’s a star, too? I know she acts like it in some ways, but I’m just putting it out there. Maybe she agrees w/ Thoreau, “Beware of enterprises that require new clothes.”


She doesn’t use BC’s money for clothes but she does like using his name to get in fashion shows with AW, getting her name in news papers, her next jobs published in the DM instead of Theater Directors Avant Garde Weekly, or for her first pap shoots in her career. But yes, at least in that aspect it speaks relatively well of her.

I’m sorry but that doesn’t speak well of her, at all. She could do what Helen Mirren does, go to a thrift shop and buy a nice wardrobe. Aim for a clean casual look so as to not embarrass herself or her husband. SH is so lazy that she can’t even be bothered to do that much. She is cynical in her pursuit of money, pushing to change BC’s will and making him buy a 4 million dollar house? Don’t let her dowdy appearance fool you, she is an undercover gold-digger of the worst kind. She is simply aiming to take as much as she can ASAP in the form of property. The designer dresses etc. she wore when she wasn’t on the rc? I don’t think they were all freebies so BC must have paid for them. Just one LL dress cost 3K, fugly blue cape with one arm cost a little less than that. She’s going to polish her professional image, add a few vanity projects to her resume and start looking for Mr. Next. SH can’t wait too long as her unremarkable looks are already starting to fade. If she’s lucky she’ll be able to marry 2 more times, getting progressively wealthier with each divorce.

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