In those post about actors who smoke, someone said Cumberbatch is a smoker, he said he quit. I guess to be healthier for the baby.




Why then was BC in the smoking area of the Tup Tup Palace nightclub in Newcastle this Friday night? It looks like he’s going back to his old habits and I’m not just talking about his cigarette use either. It was a 007 themed afterparty for a beauty pageant. Make of that what you will…


If he was seen in the smoking section —-> then he must be smoking?

I don’t like Cumberbatch & frankly I don’t care if he smokes like a chimney, but this is bad logic.

I went to Target today & brought a breast milk pump.

By your logic,

If I was seen in the baby section of target buying a breast pump ——–> then I must be pumping breastmilk.

I don’t have children, I was buying it as a baby shower gift.

BC could have been with friends who are smokers but he abstained from smoking.


sophiehunteratemybaby where are you?

Does anyone actually believe that sighting? SMH

Why would someone who allegedly knows him through a ONS imply seeing him again now? She tweeted about him previously btw, then there is her father’s line of work. If it isn’t true then the intent to fuel speculation is certainly there. Hanging out in the smoking area when you are trying to quit is a very bad idea. Seeing others smoke and inhaling the fumes? Those are called ‘triggers’, when you are in treatment they tell you to avoid them at all costs. Nicorette alone isn’t going to cut it…

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