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Didn’t BC spend the majority of March 2014 in Asia & Aus? I think those Tup Tup girls are just mistaken. Or referring to 2013? Or making stuff up like the girl who said she snogged him @ rugby. That’s why nobody is talking about it. Doesn’t seem true. That’s all. Nothing shady. 1/2



2/2 As for whether BC was “getting it” last year. And with Sophie. I can buy that she was one of some jump offs. His sudden frequent use of French accents & whatnot made it seem like someone was influencing him. But he traveled & “dated” way too much for it to be LDR. All the sights of him w/ chix make me feel like his explicit sexual references was b/c he was getting some rather than not. Maybe Soph got him off best. Men look for sex & find love. Women look for love… but I don’t see love.


TFOE: Again, the tweet is from Mar 2015, not 2014. But your right when you say BC was abroad last year Mar, April at the Malaysian Grand Prix, OzCon, meeting Prince William. 

BC was definitely enjoying his currency…too bad it devalued. As to SH being the bestest I really doubt it, maybe they had more to talk about. I say this because last year we got tea from a seasoned NYC based John. Get this, he said that SH was such a snoozefest that he wondered WTF she was doing as a sex worker! Poor girl can’t seem to do anything well. No wonder she wrapped her tentacles around HMS Douchecanoe pronto. 

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