Submit: BC sighting Friday






Ballsy:  Say it with me everyone.   Pics … . 
or it didn’t happen. 

when this was what was on there that night.
  Oh look. 
It was a James Bond theme. 

maybe he was just there for their “Kinky Disco”?  😉


Imagine if it is true? Maybe the test results came back. I can see how this would favor SH though, if BC wants out at any point she is going to try to put all the blame on him.

This tweet was originally from March…so I’m going with setting him up to look like a cheating ass.  Someone on his side needs to DO SOMETHING or he’s gonna take the fall when this ends.

The same person who’s friends with one of BC’s flings tweeted that she saw him at the Tup Tup Palace last night, smoking. Miss Newcastle afterparty? Da fuck? I thought maybe he hosted the pageant but no. I didn’t find any other mention or photo of him anywhere. I know that celebs often get paid to party but no one in his right mind would do so at a time like this. Makes me think that a PR war may have been declared…

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