Re: exact opposite anon, ever since he got married they have been trying to argue that his wife is all wrong for him when she really is exactly like the rest of his lovers. They all looked kind of stuck up and plain. Once his long time gf broke up with him and he got famous, I think he started going after the type of women he has always wanted but never had a chance with until he got some fame and money. Women like Lydia and lady KB. SH might not be as rich or as posh but she is close enough.


I think she is exactly his type as well and I don’t see them getting divorced any time soon. 


SH’s like OP? Are you fucking kidding me? Really? At least LH and KE were fun! He may fancy SH’s aristocratically inbred look but she is notably untalented with a personality like wallpaper paste. Industry people who have had the misfortune of working with her have called her a ‘useless cow’ and ‘valance’ with ‘second-rate ideas’ among other things. People who espied them on super secret ‘dates’ said they looked bored to death with one another. SH even fell asleep during one outing, sooo much fun…not. My take is that she was a paid RCG/Award Season Escort that derailed a HW fauxmance with her own stupid agenda. 

The wedding and moneymoon was damage control to salvage BC’s reputation. This is no great love story, not even settling comfortably. It’s BC’s dream of domestic bliss turned into a nightmare. Let me put it this way, if BC doesn’t GTFA from Vampire Squid soon enough she may end up a widow. He’s visibly depressed and now he’s drinking more than ever. I am amazed at how people are blind to his deteriorating physical condition and claim that he can keep going on like this for years. We’ve had medical professionals chime in and express their concern. I myself have worked in healthcare, including mental health. I’ve seen enough patients with a similar look before…

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