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No. I like BC but being realistic and judging by the mans dating history I doubt he ever dated a WoC. He fancies women like Carrie Fisher, Kate Moss and Naomi Watts and oh, in case you forgot HE CALLED BLACK PEOPLE COLOURED. Anybody that mentally stuck in the…

aeltri, you said: 

Where do I begin *sigh*. While it’s true that a greater percentage of my people are tan we are a rather diverse bunch. My mom could pass as Carrie Fisher’s sister. I have a cousin who looks like this, in fact there are two blondes and fifteen redheads on my mom’s side alone. People used to ask my Auntie if she was babysitting for a ‘white’ couple, LOL. Another Uncle from my father’s side has light-brown hair with blue-green eyes and his eldest daughter has the same complexion. All of the above are 100% Latin American…PS: BC may be married (for now) but he sure as hell ain’t happy. He looks fucking awful, a healthy relationship doesn’t do that to you. Watch ‘Going Mental’ on YouTube to get a better idea of what’s really going on. Something’s definitely ‘off’ about SH and the whole affair.

Okay , not being rude or trying to be snarky but:

1. Why did you give us a break down of your families genetic make up? I’m not even sure how it relates back into the discussion that BC likely never dated a WoC? 

2. “Sure as hell aint happy?” How do you know this for sure? You say this with such confidence as if you know the man and he confides in you with details of his personal life. 

3. Now hypothetically speaking,  even if he is miserable, then so what.  Whose fault is that? If he wasn’t all that into her and still chose to get married, that’s on him.   I’ve noticed a lot of the Cumbers are feeling sorry for him and expressing so much concern, what the hell for? He is a grown ass man making his own decisions, nobody forced him to marry her. And if they truly are unhappy, don’t they say the first year of marriage is the hardest? Maybe over time things will improve and they will be two of the happiest stale vanilla wafers you’ve ever seen? 


1. FYI, even light-skinned Latinas are labeled as ‘WoC’. I myself am fair, when some people look at my last name do I get treated ‘white’? Hell no. I mentioned my family because there are a lot of misconceptions regarding our people, down to our ‘universal’ (ha!) physical appearance etc. It’s annoying that we constantly get stereotyped by educated folks who really should know better. There literally is something for everyone’s ‘preference’, just saying.

2. BC is reminding me more and more of some of the patients I work with, specifically in psych wards. Based on his blunted affect alone he is not well, I can tell you that much. We’ve also had at least one doctor say that he is showing all the visual signs of adrenal fatigue. If you compare a series of before and after photos the difference is quite startling.

3. He is unhappy and it’s a shame because it’s not entirely his fault. Now, he does bear a great part of the blame for trying to save face at the cost of his health and his integrity. He tried to protect his reputation and it backfired in the worst possible way. SH and HW both exhibit plenty of Cluster B (narcissistic/borderline) behaviors, that is why I put the video link to Dr. Tara Palmatier’s program so that people can learn more about those EBDs in particular. Both of them put BC through the wringer in order to get as much as they could out of him. This is their MO, the more you know the less you will fall prey to people like them. In this type of dynamic you always have a co-dependent doormat vs. an abusive nutter. It never ends well for the doormat… 


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