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StatsBritain hold the secrets to the universe #gospletruth. So what about the other 5% then?

It’s probably a joke given how long SH was seen with a belly. Word’s probably gotten around about Notmybaby, JR’s ‘pengling’ tweet hints at a singleton boy. Could still be a girl though, given the ‘Clarice Rosette’ being throw about. You know SH is going to give Notmybaby a middle name. From the sound of things bub may have been born sometime between Sunday night (05/31) and Monday morning (06/01). If we go by this it may have been Monday after all…

Oh and before you read too much into it if a DNA test is done to be included as the biological father, the probability must be 99% or higher. If the test is performed correctly you are not going to get 95%, not with current state-of-the-art methods. 

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