Cumberbaby has arrived,according to teatime with sabrina and violet,someone contacted them.


And I’m the Queen of Krakozhia.


To BC’s Baby’s Birth Anon

Thank you for the too-hot-to-handle tea, Honey! I hope what you say is in fact true. I would be more than happy to post the stats; however, in order to do that, I must insist on seeing a screen cap – receipts are an absolute must here!

If you have such a receipt, contact me again; and I’ll provide an email addy.
Take care, and I hope your tea is truly fresh…

This Monday and it’s a boy apparently. If that’s true it’s way too soon to get test results back, we are talking turn around time of 3-5 working days at least. Unless BC had already decided to forego that to keep running with the ShamWow. If The Sun has ‘exclusives’? That pretty much confirms to me that both him and SH are doing everything they can to stop them from publishing the truth. They could discount mere rumors but that’s not the case here. Dontcallmejane wasn’t lying, they are trying to placate the tabs with tidbits. But after the Notmybaby’s birth is announced they will be left with nothing to bargain with and that’s when the ‘fun’ will start. Virtually no one is safe from the tabs…

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