It’s gonna be hard to compete with Caitlyn Jenner the next few weeks cause she’s killing it. Forget about the newest celebrity couple or new baby. This is it.

Well BC, what can I say? Sometimes famewhoring just doesn’t pay. If any of the dismal duo’s PR thought to drop a Cumberbomb their plan just bombed. If BC is stuck in a bearding arrangement gone bad CJ’s debut may give him the courage to look for an out sooner. SH is like the Kris to BC’s Bruce. Also LOL at KK’s alleged fit over having her ‘new’ ex-stepmom steal the spotlight from her fetus (who is still more famous than ShamBub btw). I can imagine SH shrieking in rage much like KK because she’s now completely out of publicity tricks. Due to overexposure and bad timing Notmybaby will be greeted with a resounding ‘meh’ making the entire ShamWow a failure on every level. I can already see the trouble in paradise stories starting in 3…2…

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