This article is the definition of a roller coaster from start to finish. The nesting, the ability SH will have to adapt to a multimillion house, BC wanting another babe right off the bat, something about gold cage birds and bachelor pads. Li’l Monocle Yacht Caviar Batch is in for the time of their life.

He really is a little bit weird, isn’t he? 🐔🐦🐤🐦🐥🐔

I knew his mother loved owls but not about this purported obsession with birds. To me this is just a fluff piece that pushes the ‘nesting’ narrative down to the animals associated with that behavior. ‘New arrival’ is not about another baby btw, it’s in reference to him moving his bird stuff. PR really is grasping at straws here, it’s pretty sad when you realize that SH wanted that new house. BC was happy in his old nest and if I were him I wouldn’t move too many of my things. He’ll be putting them in storage soon enough when SH throws in the towel. He’s an idiot if he thinks she is going to tolerate him longer than she has to. Most people I’ve talked to suspect that Squid is setting him up…

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