Mega Post (2nd June)  # 4



(4/1) Hmm, post birth
via a PR set up Facebook, and a few weeks later go with “not mine” out? That’s the only thing that makes
“sense" to me. Keeps control in his
court and not having to rely on the press and any…

Well, at least they ‘live together’ on FB, LOL. Here’s the thing, if he decides to end the ShamWow now he needs to wait 10 days minimum for court valid docs. The preliminary test results can take up to 5 working days to process so if Squid dropped octlet in the past couple of days, countdown would start today. That’s if DNA samples were taken immediately after birth, BC may wait a while longer. There is more than one way this may play out. Evidence still points to Notmybaby so it all depends on how much he wants to save face. If he caves in to Squid and adopts her kid he’s going to regret it. Squid is going to cash out and walk, it’s pretty obvious that she doesn’t care what people think of her treatment of BC. If she did she would tone down her visible antipathy towards him. I still believe in a lot of what the BI said, where there is smoke…

Mega Post (2nd June)  # 4

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