“That poem is disgusting though and his dad “read it” lmao” No, some lady read it. Also don’t think it’s gross, it’s not about sex or having babies. Neruda was not a literal poet. This particular poem is about a relationship being all consuming and overwhelming all at once, and having a life of its own, which is what the final verse refers to, not children. Neruda wrote this for his third wife and they did not have any children.



An all consuming relationship you say? I can see that with them. The intimate elbow touches on the streets, the thumb holding on red carpets. The hand kissing as if she were royalty and he were greeting her. The shoulder hugs. I’m getting all hot and flustered just writing this!

Thank you anon, you are absolutely right about that poem. It seems like BC may have misunderstood it’s meaning and the story behind it. Or he may have ignored it in order to force it to fit the fauxmance narrative, which is pathetic. I am well aware that poetry often doesn’t translate all that well between disparate languages and cultures. But to me this points to the fact that BC is a shallow braggart who is not nearly as well-informed as he lets on. It’s not like he would be able to double check either, his Spanish pronunciation alone is atrocious :X…

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