Yes, he’s been a (baby carrot) prick all along. He’s managed to hide it fairly well mainly because fans were so besotted by moderate talent, curls & a deep voice that they didn’t look for it. The veneer is now cracked and out tumbles all the ugly. Fans, he does not appreciate you or your adoration. He despises you unless it suits his PR purposes and he is finding it harder and harder to hide that fact. SH is a reflection of him and what he values: shallow, pretentious, entitled, vapid, careless.



I’m curious anon, what do you make of his behaviour when he was Olivia? He seemed fine then. 

Possibly a case of it going to his head, with a dash of oops the one night stand says i knocked her up that he feels entitled to cover up.

Oh, BC’s values are going to change considerably post ShamWow. I am of the opinion that BC has a good heart but he is literally going to have to go through hell in order to grow spiritually. The more ungrateful he is, the more he lies, the more painful his karmic lesson is going to be. 

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