SH’s task was simple: look good&nice, smile and be neutral. Look as if you support your husband-real or not. Most of the time however she looked like a mess, her face is rather bitchy, not to mention stomping off… I guess the harsh opinions would be unfair if she was nice, talented and supportive. People don’t like bullshit. If she thought her behavior will be tolerated by this fandom, then it’s a painful reality check. She had a huge chance to become a celeb, yet she fucked up big time.




And if I were to venture a guess, she has no idea just how badly she messed up. She seems to be a very very short termed thinker and very much wants things now. I wouldnt be suprised if she has more tricks up her sleeve 

My mom thinks SH is cunning but dumb, especially for stepping on HW’s toes by screwing up a by-the-numbers fauxmance. One person at LL said she seemed a bit daft and don’t get me started on the vacuous crap she spouted off in Vogue…


It doesn’t help that BC isn’t all that bright either.

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