this may be an unpoplar skeptic opinion, but i personally hope BC and SH stay together for some time. they are fucking comedy GOLD, as are the nannies. i do a hard ass job, and this whole lot gives me the laffs. i will drink to their marriage every day if they and their fans keep acting this way. comedy. gold. dance monkeys, this is brill.



Another anon: tee heee heee these nannies make me get my life every day. i hope it keeps coming fast and thick

Well… the supposedly “Devastated Duo” (sorry, but the idea that this “so private, much public” twosome being sooo distressed over what some anonymous blogger writes about them to be hysterically funny) and their adoring nannies continue producing comedy gold, so, enjoy the hilarity.

BC’s all, “I don’t give a fuck about what people think.” Fair enough if you are Geoff Pint but as a public figure? That’s tantamount to committing career suicide. Then again his pissy attitude and PR’s desperate damage control kind of indicate that he does care to some extent. Still not buying that it’s killing him though (SH’s taking care of that), he wouldn’t have been as dismissive of his supporters. Or maybe he’s panicking because his narc supply is starting to run out as more and more people are going:


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