The one where we wonder if this is the reason The Sun seems to have all the “Exclusives” of late.

They will sit on it until HW (who is probably on good terms with Murdoch) drops the umbrella. What does HW care for either of them? They failed at a relatively simple task and quite miserably I might add. All of the ShamWow stunts have been completed, aside from some kinda baby there’s not much left to bribe the tabs with. Not to mention ‘Harvey’s Revenge’…

As for Cumberbatch PR blocking the reveal, I don’t think The Sun told them specifically what the tipoff entailed. They probably only said that it was something very bad about SH and given that the wedding was already in the script they didn’t want it derailed. But going forward one wonders if the same PR that shielded SH is eventually going to throw her under the bus.

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