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So much info went around yesterday that I cant find the post, I think it involved the person who leaked stuff to the sun. they said that BC had a GF and then HW came in and got rid of her. Did anyone look into this? I ask because maybe she is still with him (just like SH has a boyfriend) and it may help to put an end date on this. thank you





I am only going to repeat what Tarot Guy said back in October:

-BC had a gf. She was not SH, she was BLONDE

-SH has a lover, he is dark-haired (can you say Gambles?)

-SH will use a pregnancy (his or not) to entrap BC

-BC’s is brash and arrogant, this will prove his undoing

-BC will ‘choose’ SH only because he feels pressured

-SH will betray BC, again there’s the dark-haired man (guess BI is right)

-SH will bring BC ruin: career damage and great monetary loss

-BC will NEVER fully recover from this 🙁

-BC’s true love will be a brunette. One who is darker and smaller than SH. BC has met her already but no relationship yet.That is in the future apparently…

The cards that kept popping up over and over were:

Make of it what you will, but it doesn’t look good…

I am going to see him in a few days, I will report back with the results of that reading :).

okay, my only response, ^^^THIS being applied to the WTFery


Lupita Nyong’o?  She’s darker, shorter, brunette and unmarried. They’ve obviously met and, in fact, were rumored to have had an on-set fling. I think a lot of people would be so cool with that match.

BTW, can you read a Tarot for someone who isn’t present? I thought the person being read for had to be in the room.

No, as long as you have a focus (photos work best) and/or concentrate on the person whilst saying their name you can do a reading. It’s scary how accurate this was…

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